Ä The Sword of Shannara Trilogy ✓ Download by ↠´ Terry Brooks I like fantasy based books.
I didn t like this one.
It basically tells the same story three times while switching the coveted object and the names of the characters every chapter has a deus ex machina getaway It was pretty obvious that the author tried to emulate Tolkien tried and completely failed How I even managed to read all three stories, I ll never know, and now it s something I ll never be able to erase from my memory.
This book was given to me by a friend who obviously just wanted to get rid of it.
I don t know if I have a friend I actually hate enough to give it to.
This book is a trilogy so I m going to break it down into each book There will be SPOILERS The Sword of Shannara This is the beginning of many books in the series A Druid named Allanon comes looking for the half elf Shea so he can get the sword to destroy the Warlock Lord Shea s brother Flick comes along for the journey They have to fight for their lives with all sorts of evil creatures They pick up some friends along the way and Allanon recruits to help Menion Leah is a friend of Shea s and he decides he is going He is the prince of Leah Balinor is a borderman and the Prince of Callahorn You have Hendel the dwarf and Durin and Dayel who are elf brothers They fight off gnomes and all sorts of this and that creatures At one point, they get separated when Shea falls off of a cliff into the water that takes him away He is eventually taken prisoner by the gnomes who are taking him to the Warlock Lord I just know I m leaving some stuff out So the others keep traveling as they are all headed in the same direction OH and duh I forgot to mention Allanon gives Shea the elfstones which has magic to the one who has them He uses them to fight off a few monsters when it s just him, Flick and Menion Anyway, so they all make it to the city where the Warlock Lord is and all kinds of stuff ensue as they are looking for the Sword The sword isn t there, they fight with gnomes and other such creatures, everyone gets split up again I mean they need to be attached at the hip The gnomes who took Shea prisoner were killed by a funny character and theif named Panamon Creel He has a friend who is a Rock Troll named Keltset I loved Keltset They find a gnome that was hiding and a little off his rocker He has all of these weapons and random stuff he stole and guess what one of the swords is the Sword of Shannara but everyone is too stupid to look at them closely By the time Shea figures it out the gnome got loose and is on the run Closing this up before I tell the whole story, Menion Leah finds a woman he saves and falls in love with, a few of them die and the day is saved when they finally get the sword and kill the Warlock Lord I liked this book, but I really wish that Keltset didn t get killed I was hoping to have him in of the stories THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA Ok, this book jumps ahead 50 years I was sad because of the people are dead now I thought it would go on with their stories, but nope So we have in this book Wil who is a relative to Shea and Flick They are still alive and run an inn They are his grandfather and great uncle Allanon comes to him to help with some bad stuff coming He gets the elfstones but he doesn t have too much magic in him and they only work a little bit What happens is the elves have a tree called the Ellcrys She keeps all of the evil demons, etc in a place called the Forbidding But she is dying and they are starting to escape There are 7 Chosen to take care of the tree, but one of the demons tears all but one to shreds They are all males The one female, Amberle didn t want to do it so she was banished Soooo, Allanon gets Wil to go on the adventure and talk Amberle into taking the seed from the tree to the Bloodfire This makes the seed be reborn and has to be returned to the earth So once again, we are off on a journey I fall in love with Amberle, she is really sweet Her and Wil fall in love for a short time To make this one short, they find the place they need to go and get the seed all set up Meanwhile, the elves and Allanon are fighting the demons that escaped when the ellcrys finally died When they finally get back Amberle goes to the dead tree and She becomes the new tree Of course, Wil is heartbroken There are other characters in the book but I didn t want to drag it out, but one is a woman named Eretria who ends up staying with Wil This story was pretty good THE WISHSONG OF SHANNARA Twenty years laterThis one is great Eretria and Wil have two children, Brin and Jair They inherited a gift from the Elves called the Wishsong They sing and it causes magic Well you can guess what I m going to say next Here comes good ole Allanon He asks Brin to come on a journey with him to use her wishsong to destroy a book or the same ole junk is going to happen Jair has to go off on his own journey Rone Leah goes with Brin and Allanon He is Menion Leah s great grandson and a prince himself He is in love with Brin too They come upon some wonderful characters in this book Jair runs into a gnome named Slanter, who is a tracker Him and his gnome buddies drag Jair with them, but Slanter seems like he likes Jair They all run into Garet Jax who kills them all but Slanter as he is a good gnome and they escort Jair on his journey Slanter is freakin hilarious He s always going on about this and that and thinks everyone is stupid I love him Brin and Rone come across some new friends One is Cogline a crazy old man who is hilarious, his granddaughter Kimber Boh and their moor cat Whisper, which is huge They go with them on their journey after Allanon is killed Yep, Allanon is killed, but he is still a spirit in the water Anyway, Brin does what she is supposed to do and puts an end to that evilness I liked these books, but my review can t give them credit because I loved so many people and there were so many things going on that it would take forever to even mention I thought I was just get to the point of most things and mention some of the people that I really enjoyed I have a few of the trilogies and I wonder how far in the future these are going to go or if they are going to backtrack, I m not sure yet At any rate, they are good books with loveable characters www.
com THE SWORD OF SHANNARA Long Ago, The World Of Shea Ohmsford Was Torn Apart By War But The Half Human, Half Elfin, Shea Now Lives In Peace Until The Forbidding Figure Of Allanon Appears, To Reveal That The Long Dead Warlock Lord Lives AgainTHE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA Ancient Evil Threatens The Elves And The Races Of Man For The Ellcrys, The Tree Of Long Lost Elven Magic, Is Dying Loosing The Spell Of Forbidding That Locks The Hordes Of Demons Away From Earth Only One Source Has The Power To Stop It The Elfstones Of Shannara THE WISHSONG OF SHANNARA Evil Stalks The Four Lands As The Ildatch, Immemorial Book Of Evil Spells, Has Stirred To Eldritch Life Once Again Allanon, Ancient Druid Protector Of The Races, Must Seek The Help Of A Descendant Of Jerle Shannara I went specificly looking for an Epic Fantasy series that could engross me as much as A Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings, or The Wheel of Time I found this highly reccomended and went into it expecting to love it I was very surpised to find it so disappointing I am unsure why this gets listed as being on par with the other series I listed The writting is really sub par You don t care about the characters, it s narrated like somone decided to write out their DnD adventure, it seems like a bunch of cliche s all strung together The author even changes Point of View mid paragraph You don t know from one sentence to the next whose thoughts you might be hearing It s just not the quality I can live with I read the entire first novel and am going to take a break from it, and I don t know that I will ever return.
A mysterious magic user petitions a simple farming person to help save the world from the powers of darkness.
Where have I heard this story line before Anyhow, parts of the book were well written, but that first line up there was just the first in many instances of what seemed to be direct rip offs of one very famous fantasy trilogy which this author admits was a big influence on him deciding to become a writer Witness, for example, the third book in the trilogy in which the heroine must take a powerful magical artifact and hurl it into a river of fire in order to destroy it.
Yes Seriously.
Almost every element of the trilogy has some parallel from that famous trilogy, which is a shame, because the first several chapters of the Shannara trilogy started out pretty great and roped me in.
The biggest difference is that LOTR s Gandolf was kind of a bad ass And the Shannara parallel the druid Allanon is a total dick.
Spoiler Every book starts out with Allanon telling a Hobbit parallel character about some mission they need to go on.
Allanon pretty much can foresee the future, but he withholds information from the lead character because he s afraid that the Hobbit clone won t go on this quest if he reveals too much.
So they go off, solve their quest, and then something horrible happens to them like their sister dies or their mother is raped by ice goblins or something and then Allanon shrugs his shoulders and says Ya, but you saved the world So that s pretty awesome, right I hate Allanon.
I really wanted to like this series I started watching the TV adaptation because of Jed Brophy, and though the series has its faults, I was enjoying myself I then learned the show was based on a book series, and I knew I had to read them I bought this with high expectations it had been heralded as a cornerstone of the fantasy genre, after all.
I got about 150 pages in before it started to go downhill It wasn t the similarity to Tolkien In fact, The Tolkien comparisons aren t a huge turn off for me Pretty much everything written post LotR is done in the Tolkien tradition Plus, I have to be honest, but even though Tolkien may have been master world builder, he was a mediocre writer I think the timelessness of his work is the depth he gave Arda, not the strength of the novels writing.
Anyway, the Tolkien similarities aren t what made me quit the book The complete lack of women I got than 200 pages in with no woman in sight didn t turn me off completely No It was the characters and the writing First, the exposition was often clunky This was most apparent to me when Allanon is describing the history of the world especially in the beginning That was something I would have done while attempting to write a story when I was 10 16 Rather than letting the information come as the story unfolds or leaving information up to the reader s imagination, it feels like the history is being shoved down the reader s throat, like Look Backstory The plot is so rich It s too forced.
Another thing that bothered me was the overuse of adjectives and adverbs I actually love adverbs and don t feel that they deserve the bad rap the get, but my god It felt like every other word had to be described by three other words Things that could have been said succinctly were dragged out It felt redundant and trite.
Moreover, the author seldom referred to the characters by name Instead, they were often called Valeman, highlander, Elves, etc This got irritating after a while, and it reminded me of gay fanfiction, which is guilty of this A lot of the other man and the older man and the younger man and the occupation, etc And for unpolished fanfic written for free for fun, things like that can be forgiven Not so much for a book considered to be one of the best in the genre.
Finally, there were constant changes in point of view It was neither clear nor neat as in ASoIaF or another I book I read as a kid, The Wanderer I was actually confused when it happened mid chapter the first time These changes gave me no insight into the characters though, and that s why I have issues with the characters at all I didn t feel invested in any of them I didn t understand their motivations for what they were doing beyond save the world I think that they were actually robbed of their complexity because the author kept jumping around Honestly, it s a shame the series turned out to be such a disappointment It s a shame that a show produced for MTV of all things has me invested than its source material It s a shame that this will be the third book in my life I haven t been able to finish.
Maybe one day I ll pick it up again, but for now, it s going on the shelf.
Couldn t finish the third installment It s basically a poorer version of Lord of the Rings Scenes that are almost identical to Tolkien s but without the storytelling ability of Tolkien Each book starts exactly the same way Exactly The Same Way To be fair it was written awhile ago when Tolkien was basically the epic fantasy template and I have heard the series greatly improves as it goes on Maybe someday I will continue it.

It s rare that I leave a full review on here A book has to be exceptionally good or truly terrible.
Unfortunately this was the Latter I m a huge fantasy fan and someone recommended this to me with the immortal tag line If you liked LOTR you ll love this.
Well of course I would It s LOTR A young hero is sent away from the home he loves because his life is in danger from an evil lords creatures Check He is joined on his journey to a safe haven by his stocky, stout and faithful companion Check Along the way they meet another friend who the companion isn t very trusting of Check They have to go through a dark forest filled with danger where they are saved by a random stranger before one of them is nearly eaten by a tree Check Upon reaching the haven they must set out with a small group to save the world Check They have to go through the mountain and not over it because of the dark lords spies Check There s something evil lurking in the mountain I hope that you get the idea.
even without being utterly derivative it lacks the scope of Tolkein, the ingenuity of Jordan, the sense of danger instilled by Martin or the character development of Eddings It s a bit of a mess to be honest.
The world of Shannara the Four Lands is reminescient of Tolkien s LOTR, not in style but in the classic struggle of good vs evil on an epic scale An easier read than Tolkien, Shannara has it s merits Loveable characters, mysterious characters, characters to despise A quest and all it s inherent dangers.
This original trilogy is by far my favorite in the enitre series.
THE SWORD OF SHANNARA Two stories interwoven, one follows the protagonist Shea Ohmsford on his quest to obtain the Sword of Shannara and confront the Warlock Lord, the antagonist, with it, while the other shadows Prince Balinor s attempt to oust his insane brother Palance from the throne of Callahorn while being under attack from the armies of the Warlock Lord I enjoyed reading this one and starting my journey into the Four Lands I found myself cheering Shea on, being frightened for him when he was in peril And rejoicing at the familar good wins type of ending.
THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA It provides the history of the Elves, which was only hinted at in the preceding story, and follows Wil Ohmsford, grandson of Shea and inheritor of the Elfstones.
Elfstones are powerful magical artifacts, usually found in groups of three, to symbolize the user s body, mind, and spirit Interesting concept.
The novel intertwines two plotlines the quest of Wil Ohmsford and Amberle Elessedil to find Safehold and create a new Ellcrys, and the attempt by the Elven army and their allies to slow the Demons to give them time to find it.
I was devastated when I realized what creating a new Ellcrys meant to Amberle, herione of the novel Brought out emotions in me that signify a great novel.
THE WISHSONG OF SHANNARA The story revolves around Jair and Brin Ohmsford, the children of the main characters from The Elfstones of Shannara Wil Ohmsford and Eretria The siblings, each possessing an inherited magic, must save the Four Lands from the evil magic within a tome called the Ildatch, a book created by demons containing their essence.
The wishsong is my favorite of all the magics in Shannara Inherited genetically from their Ohmsford heritage, the wishsong works differently for Brin and Jair Brin can sing anything into creation while Jair s song creates illusions Both are very powerful and integral in thier respective journeys to destroy the Ildatch.
I still can t decide which I like better, Elfstones or Wishsong Either way, it s an excellent read and worth the journey.
The Sword of Shannara 2.
5 5 Stars Coming into this series, I had already watched and read a lot of mediocre reviews I was well aware that this book was very heavily inspired by Lord of the Rings and I m glad I was prepared for this because even though I knew it, throughout the book I found myself saying Lord of the Rings , Lord of the Rings, and oh, Lord of the rings I wish I liked The Sword of Shannara than I did because I do feel, despite being inspired by Tolkien s Middle Earth, that Brooks really created an amazing world with a fabulous history The land of Shannara is basically our world years and years and years in the future and has become home to a number of different man like species besides humans.
The book was just far too heavy with description that it became borderline tedious for me There were a few times that my eyes were drooping and I almost fell asleep than once while reading I had to start skimming now and again because otherwise I would just be reading paragraph after paragraph of description rather than actual dialogue or important content that moved the story along Some description was repeated a lot such as the description of Allanon and I got sick and tired of hearing about his dark figure I was pretty glad when this was over but still eager to move on to Elfstones.
The Elfstones of Shannara 3 Stars Overall, this may be my favorite book of the series I definitely felt a lot for the characters of Will, Amberle and Eretria than I did for Shea and Flick It was also perhaps a little bit original I did ship Will with Eretria a lot , as I do in the TV show, and I liked the twist in the ending I also really wanted something to happen between Ander and Stee Jan XD The Wishsong of Shannara 2.
5 Stars The first half of this book was good I liked Jair and Brin and learning about them, their personalities and the wishsong Allanon was really annoying in this one as usual He s actually a bit of a bully but I liked that in this one it s acknowledged by everyone I also feel that Wishsong has a lot real Allanon moments We see him weak, and afraid and we also see some moments of tenderness with Brin However, I really love Jair s group of comrades and in particular his relationship with Slanter Unfortunately this book eventually fell the same way as its predecessors and just became boring and I eventually began to skim I m really glad I finally finished this bind up because I really just stopped enjoying it It began to feel like homework and I dreaded picking it up When it comes to any Terry Brooks reading, I m sticking with Landover.